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The Case of the Crowded Gym


Written by Lucy Collins

It’s that time of year again: the dreaded crowded gym of those attempting to complete their New Year, New Me resolutions. 2019 has come and gone and with 2020 in full swing, we are witnesses to those attempting to make resolutions. Of course, new year’s resolutions vary pertaining to the individual who makes them, but the most common resolution is that of a healthier lifestyle. When this idea pops into people’s heads, exercising is generally attributed to a healthier way of life and thus we see the influx of gym goers in the first few weeks of January. Now how does this affect those who stepped foot into the gym long before 2020 began? 

 According to Senior Madie Herring, who works the gym desk in the Cregger Center, “There is definitely an increase in the amount of people that go to the gym, making the busier hours busier.”  This means those of you have a specific treadmill you like to use, you may have to be wary of your own gym experience, at least until February.

The more of a routine that individuals get into at the beginning of the new year can set the stage for a healthier lifestyle throughout the rest of the year. Although, the number of new gym goers can dwindle down after a short amount of time. 

“In the past there has been a decrease in people after three weeks of making their resolution. Especially as they get into a routine with school, they don’t go to the gym as much. There are a few people I have seen who have stuck with it, but do not come in as frequently as they did at the start of the semester,” says Herring. 

This is often normal for individuals who have made new years’ resolutions. When daily routines return in the new year, it is often hard for people to find time in their schedule to fit in a more demanding type of resolution, like exercising. The advice that I have to give about maintaining exercising in the new year is to find a slot of time in your day where you are free to go to the gym. With this open time slot, it is easier to maintain a stable routine of exercising and leaves you feeling happier and healthier!