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Take 2020- Starting Fresh


Written by Jessica Shelburne

The year 2020 has been met with a range of welcomes – from thoughts of war and global conflict to hope for the new beginning and opportunities alike. Some find joy in creating ambitious New Year’s resolutions, while others feel there is nothing special about another trip around the sun. Regardless, there is a noticeable difference in the atmosphere after midnight on New Year’s Eve.

I feel strongly that time is a construct. Maybe it’s because I am an Aquarius, or perhaps because I am just very aware of life’s transitory nature. Minutes, hours, days, and weeks all are purely moments of existence that lie on a continuum which is not dictated by a clock or calendar. Humanity, with its perpetual need to be in control, has designed time for the purpose of creating order. The concept of time and the measurements thereof are not bad. In fact, the order it maintains is useful and good. Plus, it gives people a chance to decide when they would like to change their habits and start new routines.

Why is it that we decide to start or stop doing something at the beginning or end of some kind of cycle? “Next month, next week, next year,” we declare as we plan to change but allow ourselves the remaining time to indulge in the same behavior. What if we took the initiative to change in the moment that we see a change is needed? After a cup of coffee, before your Friday evening walk, during class.

If we implemented plans of improvement quickly, everyone could experience new and favorable beginnings far more frequently – not just at the beginning of the year. Any kind of goal that will positively effect life is worth striving for, and the sooner it is worked towards, the more time there is to experience the benefits.

Time is the human interpretation of the immeasurable continuum of moments on which our existence rests. Time is conclusive, moments are infinite. You get in life what you have the courage to ask for. So ask yourself – what can I improve and how can I do that today?