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New Year, New Me…Again?


Written by Vanessa Mutesi

“New year, new me” season is slowly creeping up on us. As we wind down the year and essentially the decade here is a lot to reflect on, be thankful for, and also prepare for. 2020 is a new decade and a new chapter for us all, but will we continue to do this “New Year, new me” trend? I think not. Every year there are always people who are saying they are turning over a new leaf and the new year is going to usher in a new self, but halfway through the year you lose the ideals you had walking into the new year. I will confess that I was one of those people who had this mentality. At times I said this for the sake of jumping on the bandwagon, or I just wanted to enter the new year being a new me. I soon realized that this mentality did not make sense. 

Here is what I stand for, “New year, better me”. Every year we grow in different facets of our lives. We undergo different struggles, experience different feelings and all these helps shape how we grow. These past two years of my life have been the most testing, difficult, but also most glorious times of my life. Through all the different things I have experienced and the people who have come in and out of my life, I learned more and more about myself. So, why would you want to be a “new you” instead of a better you? I am a strong believer in reflection and how it helps us see the bigger picture of all the things we experience. As we wind down the year let us take the time to reflect on what has happened in our lives. Think about what is stressing you out right now; can you control it or is it out of your control? If it is out of your control, start your journey of letting go. Think about what or who has brought you joy, and be grateful for that. Lastly, pat yourself on the back. You have made it this far and it is only getting better and better. 

Here is to “New Year, Better Me”.