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Date Night When It’s Cold? Try these Ideas!


Written by Laurel Moore

Cozying up with your significant other during the cold months can often be the best way to spend time with the ones you love. While this is often the way I love to spend my time, sometimes it’s nice to go out and take part in some fun winter date plans that you can only do during this winter season. 

Winter dates can often become out done and things that you only really want to do once or twice in a lifetime; however, here are some ideas that are more unique than your average date nights. 

While many of these ideas can take place no matter where you are, an idea that is unique to the Roanoke area is the Explore Park’s Illuminights light walk. Here you can bundle up and walk through a Christmas light show with 500,000 lights. It’s also a great way to get into the holiday spirit and it is also very inexpensive. 

Another idea that is unique to the Roanoke area is going to see the Christmas trees decorated in the Hotel Roanoke. This hotel has a competition for local businesses and organizations to decorate the best Christmas trees. Here you can wander around looking at the uniquely beautiful décor before heading downtown to get some coffee. 

Nothing says the holiday season like a parade. Wherever you are spending your break is a parade. The Christmas season is full of parades with beautiful floats, lots of lights and it is a great memory to have with your significant other. 

Other ideas that you can find no matter where you are this winter break are ice skating rinks, watching a good Christmas movie, or just driving around drinking cocoa and looking at the neighborhood Christmas lights. 

Throwing in a couple of these throughout the next couple winter months will definitely spice up the cold days and will insure a memorable time with those that are close to our hearts.