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Written by Kaelyn Spickler

Hello Roanoke College, 

Your Editor-in-Chief here, and now that 2019 is coming to a close, Kate has been reflecting on her year, and it was full of ups, downs and inbetweens. Her motto this year truly was “new year, new me.”

She turned 20-fun in the spring and spent the week testing out all kinds of different drinks at the classiest bars with her besties. This is when she finally discovered her go-to drink, and her life was changed- for better or worse, we couldn’t tell you.

Kate has had her share of relationship fun and relationship annoyances, including finding out her newly-back-together boyfriend, blocked her on all platforms, and shortly following that, our sources found out he had cheated on her. 

Kate was seen spending a lot of time relaxing at her family’s oceanfront home this summer- that is, when she wasn’t putting in overtime at her big-time summer gig in the city. She worked hard, harder than most other girls she knew who spent their time solely at their family’s vacation home. 

This hard work paid off when she got back to school as she was optimistic of all the semester would bring. She was President of two organizations this semester and her grades weren’t impacted at all by this increase in time commitment. We even anticipate seeing her on the Dean’s List once exams are finished. 

In the last week our sources have seen her packing up her dorm room, and we couldn’t figure out why, so we, of course, did some extra digging that led to us discovering Kate is moving on to bigger and better. She got an offer she couldn’t pass up in London and will be heading across the pond when the holidays are over. 

We are anxious to see how this pans out for Kate, but since our sources don’t reach that far, Kate will be going on about her life without our eyes watching her. 

What will next semester hold for us then? That’s not a secret I’ll never tell.