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Written by Kaelyn Spickler

Hello Roanoke College,

Your Editor-In-Chief here. We’ve been keeping our eyes on Kate, your fave girl-next-door, and she is definitely in the Thanksgiving spirit this year. She hasn’t had too much excitement all semester, as we all know, but she is certainly very grateful this Thanksgiving, and it is showing. She has been spending hours in the kitchen in between runs to the grocery store. We’ve seen her with grocery bags full of potatoes, cans of green beans, flour, and eggs, and we even saw her bestie, Kendra helping her carry out a turkey.

Kendra rolled her eyes as Kate declared “this turkey has to be perfect.” 

This was the fourth turkey she had purchased in two days because turkey is, of course, the food that has to be done right for dinner. Kate decided she wanted to take a load off her family by cooking Thanksgiving dinner for them which is something her nana seemed a little apprehensive about. That apprehension, though, has motivated Kate to make sure her whole family is impressed with her cooking. 

One of the reasons Kate is feeling extra grateful is due to all of the love and support she has felt this semester. She has truly been surrounded by great people this year who have helped her create fun memories full of laughter which has made this a fabulous year for her. That is something big that can get overlooked with material things.

During this time of being thankful, Kate has acknowledged even the small things, and this is something we should all do, so be like Kate this Thanksgiving season. Look around your Thanksgiving table and see all of the faces around you, and soak in time with family. Be thankful for everything- from the big to the small, but not just the material things.