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Humans of RC: Jasey Roberts


Written by Lorin Brice Hall

Jasey Roberts is probably one of the Maroons happiest at the prospect of the impending Thanksgiving Break. This Sophomore English and Creative Writing double major hailing from Christiansburg Virginia has been busy with his role of Demetrius in Roanoke College Theatre’s production of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Nights Dream. This play, directed by Dr. Lisa Warren,is Jasey’s second time appearing on the Olin Stage. He previously portrayed Simon Stimson in Roanoke College’s previous fall production of Thorton Wilder’s Our Town. As well as being a big stage star Jasey is active as a staff member of The Writing Center. Last year he worked at the reception desk and now he is happy to be working as a tutor. 

Jasey has thoroughly enjoyed his time acting as Demetrius and told the Brackety-Ack that he’s cited this role as something that has allowed him to become a much better thespian, and in general more appreciative of Shakespeare. He had this to say “I’ve really grown as an actor, challenged preconceptions that I held about the bard, come to be better at my craft, and really gained a new appreciate for Shakespeare! It’s (the play) Hilarious.”. Jasey has been acting since Middle School and acted throughout High School and he is happy that Roanoke College has been able to provide him with a space where he can continue to pursue his passion.

With A Midsummer Nights Dream wrapping up (catch it this Friday the 22nd and Saturday the 23rd) Jasey is excited to have more free time for him to spend working on the science fiction dystopian novel that he has been writing. He says that he has always loved writing. This would make sense as he won an award at last years Basically Tarantino. He won an award for best actor and an award for best comedic film for his piece Virginia is for Lovers. Jasey loves Roanoke College. The class that he has taken that he believes has impacted him most is the British Literature class that he took with Dr.Wendy-Larson Harris his Freshman year. He also understandably ranks his playwriting class that he took with Dr.Warren last year as very instructional and useful. When asked about playwrights he recommends for others to read Jasey was quick to recommend the Pulitzer Prize winning Annie Baker. When asked if he would like to give any shoutouts out to anyone Jasey said “Shoutout to my castmate Zach Dalton! Gotta dispense clout where clout is due.” Catch Jasey and Zach this weekend at A Midsummer Nights Dream! Tickets are free to students and the play is stellar!