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A New Alphabet Song? L, M, NO


Written by Jessica Shelburne

2019 has been an interesting year for many reasons. The most recent of which is the new way of reciting the alphabet that has gone viral on the internet. Creators of the song, Dream English Kids, first released this video in 2012, alongside other educational videos intended for young audiences. The point of this new version is to clarify the “l, m, n, o, p” letters that often run together. The song starts normally, but pauses after the letter ‘n’, again after the letter ‘u’, and then hitting a high note for ‘v’ before continuing rather normally through the rest of the song. Controversy has risen over this video for derailing such an established tune and because the new version eliminates the rhyming element which is proven helpful for developing children. Perhaps younger children will learn a new version in school to help with confusion over the twelfth through sixteenth letters, but it is doubtful that the new version will hold any weight among the rest of the world who knows the difference between those letters.