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4 of the Best Halloween Films


Written by Alexandra Gautier

Besides chugging a pumpkin spice latte and lighting the Bath & Body Works candle scented ‘Leaves’, the only way to really get into the spooky spirit is with some killer Halloween flicks., I’ve compiled a list of must-see scary movies on Netlfix and beyond that you can stream from the comfort of your dorm room, including elements such as jump scares and graphics that will make you hide under your blanket for protection from the television screen.

Happy Death Day (Amazon Prime) – Have you ever seen Groundhog Day with Bill Murray? This movie is sort of like that. Stuck-up colleges student Tree Gelbman is going about her birthday as if it were any other day. That is, until she gets stabbed and is then resurrected and taken back to the moment she first woke up on that same day. This cycle repeats and she must discover who her killer is to break the sequence or die (permanently). If you happen to enjoy this movie very much, there is also the sequel, Happy Death Day 2 U.

Hush (Netflix) – Deaf author Maddie decided that as a young and single female, the best possible move she could make is to live in a secluded cabin in the woods…In true horror movie fashion, things go awry when a psychotic murderer goes on a killing spree and stumbles upon her and claims her as his next victim. Maddie must keep her wits in check as she tries to outsmart her would-be (and could-be) killer.

The Conjuring (Netflix) – Yes, I know that this one isn’t such a hidden gem, but would this articl really be a true horror movie round-up without this freaky flick? Infamous paranormal investigators (and power couple?) help a family understand and try to expel the evil presence lurking in their home. The Conjuring 2 is available on Hulu with the HBO addition.

The Sixth Sense (Netflix) – Yet another horror classic. I can’t say too much without giving away the ending (I mean it’s been out for 20 years, but I’m not one for spoilers), but a young boy, Cole, confides in child psychiatrist, Malcolm, about his ability to speak to spirits stuck on Earth. This one is a slower pace and definitely lacks the jump scares, but it makes you think and creeps you out in that psychological, longer lasting way.