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Humans of RC: Dillon Kopec


Written by Brice Hall

Dillon Kopec is the Human of Noke for this edition of The Brackety-Ack. Even though this is our Halloween edition Dillon is not a monster. He’s not scary. In fact he’s got a heart of gold, and he’s a wonderful addition to our campus. Dillon is a senior finishing up a degree in Political Science. When he’s on campus, he’s either dressed to the nines for his job as a Maroon Ambassador or he’s dressed for a track workout. Dillon has pole vaulted for Roanoke Track and Field his entire college career, and he states, “Track has been an important part of my collegiate career, and a critical part of my campus involvement. Though I have had a few injured seasons, I’m looking forward towards my progress this year.”

Despite being so busy and being a professional, Dillon always makes time to bool with his bois in Pilam. Dillon rushed his sophomore year and considers it one of his best decisions. He is the Rex (President)of the VA Lambda Kappa chapter. When asked about his Fraternity Kopec said “Not four years but a lifetime. Nostros Amemus.” Dillon advises people to come check out the EC sunsets and see their beauty that he gets to enjoy with his brothers every day.

When asked about what advice he would give to succeed at this college, Dillon says that the best way to stay afloat at Noke is to get invited and stay on top of classes. He says that the one professor who’s class that he truly had to work hard to stay on top of is none other than International Relations’ own Dr. Joshua Rubongoya. Dillon credits Rubongoya with being the professor that he has had to work the hardest for in his college experience and wishes anyone in a Rubongoya class good luck.

Next time you see this Southern Gentle- man strolling about campus give him a howdy.