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Humans of RC: Tammy Harris


Written by Brice Hall

Most students might not know who Mrs. Tammy Harris is, but they should. Without her, they’d have a very different experience swiping into commons for their lunches and dinners. Mrs. Tammy is the woman who swipes students into commons with a smile. She has worked here at Roanoke College for 3 years. Mrs.Tammy says she loves working at this school because of the students. I personally think Mrs.Tammy is one of the nicest people on campus. Ever since my freshman year I have always appreciated the genuine kindness of Mrs.Tammy. She has always been a friendly person who is easy to talk to. 

Mrs. Tammy has a daughter who is also a part of the Roanoke family. Taylor Harris just enrolled here at Noke as a Freshman. Mrs.Tammy also has a daughter attending Salem High School, Allyson Harris, who plans on attending Roanoke College once she has finished High School. Mrs.Tammy is a native of Salem and loves the beauty of her hometown. 

When asked about what she enjoyed most about her job Mrs. Tammy had this to say, “I love coming to work mainly for these students. A friendly smile goes a long way, for myself and for them. I know they have stressful days so I make it a point to smile and say hello, how are you and thank you to every single one of them. I would not be here if not for them.” 

Mrs. Tammy’s kindness is noted among the student body with many Maroons recognizing how she goes out of her way to be a good and decent human being. 

Mrs. Tammy loves her job and says that the commons food is another part of her job that she appreciates. When asked about her favorite food she had to choose the Philly Cheesesteaks. 

Mrs. Tammy’s kindness is an example of goodness that other members of Noke Nation should strive to emulate in order to make this world into a better place for all people.