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Pumpkin Spice Up Your Life…Or Not!


Written by Isaac Davis

Moving rapidly through my third year as an international student in the states, many of the culinary mysteries I first encountered have been resolved. I understand the mechanics of the S’more, the texture of a Hushpuppy, the dairy percentage in Cool Whip. However, each year as the leaves begin to turn, I know that once again I will meet my spiced foe.

Two beautiful festive ingredients – pumpkin and sugar – unite in an unparalleled manifestation of Halloween spirit: How did they go so wrong? Spices are perfect at this time of year. The warmth of cinnamon and ginger make ideal autumn companions as temperatures drop. A little sugar lift is much needed as days shorten and mornings become increasingly dark. And the pumpkin; a brilliantly vibrant root vegetable in season when little else is. In a process likened to reverse alchemy these pure and delicious ingredients are transformed into the inedible Pumpkin Spice products that deck supermarket shelves. Somehow Pumpkin Spice is a growing phenomenon, with revenues reaching $361 million in 2011. It is in these dark times that we must disregard flashy pumpkin propaganda, pour out trendy pumpkin spiced lattes, and accept that this was all a huge mistake. Take action and make change happen, boycott the vile Pumpkin Spice and let’s turn those innocent pumpkins into tasty pies instead.