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What’s Your Major’s Zodiac Sign?


Written by Shamira James

Art Majors as Pisces – You’ll often find that most Pisces are very compassionate and friendly people. While those are very common traits, they also are the most artistic sign. They are ruled by Neptune, which not only makes them artsy-fartsy but also gives them more intuition. They always looking for that escape from reality, which is where their craft comes in. They are so passionate about it because while it’s hard work, they love it. Beware though, all of that passion can come off as martyrdom as they go on and on about how they can’t hang out because they NEED to be in the studio all night.

Health and Exercise as Aries – These people are always super energetic and turbulent. They’re always seeking some kind of competition, speed and/or dynamic shift in their life. Being ruled by Mars makes them very active people and thinkers – perhaps sometimes too active. They often make decisions with little thought, which shows their impatient side. They’re very organized and proactive people, so naturally they hate laziness which makes sense when they try to get their hermit friend to go on that “casual 10 mile jog” they’re always going on and on about.

Business as Leo – Business majors perfectly embody what it means to be a Leo – they are creative, self confident and hard to resist (mainly because they’re literally everywhere on this campus, more like you can’t escape them). However, credit is given where credit is due – these people are natural born leaders, and how could they not be? The business world is very competitive and fast-paced, and it takes the king or queen of the jungle to take on all of that. They are ruled by the sun, which makes them constantly on this journey for growth and expansion. However, what they have in leadership they lack in being modest and facing reality – perhaps the reality that their major isn’t the ONLY hard major on this campus. *sips tea*

Philosophy Majors as Aquarius – Always the deep thinkers, always eager to help. Philosophy buffs and Aquariuses have that in common. They are the true humanists of the zodiac: in true air sign fashion, they able to and quite possibly thrive with abstract thinking. They’re able to see the big picture really well, which helps them in arguments because they’re so open to understanding everything and every one. The keyword with them is “insightful.” But it’s not all rainbows and sunshine with these guys; they can be so passionate at times that it can come across as being aggressive and overbearing, like when they want to talk about the secrets of the universe at 3:52 a.m., but you were just trying to sleep.

Communications as Gemini – Geminis get a bad rep because everyone knows them as being two-faced, but in reality, it’s not so much being two-faced, but more realizing two different realities exist in the major. On one face, they tend to be fun, sociable and talkative – that’s usually when they’re talking about all the internship opportunities they have and how much they learned and grew as a person. The other face, a more serious, pensive and restless side is the realization that every time you go home, your relatives ask if you’re still a communication major or how they subtly drop hints that it’s never too late to change your major. They are ruled by Mercury, giving them a love for all forms of communication and why wouldn’t they be good at it? They’re very expressive individuals, to say the least.