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The Swipe Out: The Cavern Craze


Written by Shamira James

I know we’ve all felt this way so let’s just put it out there: Cavern ain’t what it used to be. There is a noticeable differences in a lot of different aspects and people are noticing. When I was a freshman I remember Cavern was this place where you could get your food if you were on a run – the entire process would take no longer than seven minutes TOPS but two weeks ago I stood in line for, please secure your wigs, 45 minutes! I was furious, not only because I was sick and hadn’t eaten all day and I just wanted to eat and go back to my room, but because I couldn’t believe it took that long. Then I looked around and realized there was a lot of things that we’re off, not only is this town a grievance (quality SpongeBob reference) but so are these topics.  

Freshman – that day that I waited 45 minutes it was a Saturday and people were trying to swipe out, mainly freshman, and when you have 10 swipes left over from the week, you better not waste them. The issue was that the freshman were so clueless as to how it all worked, they held up the line by asking all of these questions that I was baffled they didn’t know. BUT my issue isn’t with inquisitive freshman, it’s that no one had the common sense to take a maximum of 10 minutes during orientation to teach them how to use it. You already have them for the majority of the day – teach them the ways of grub while they’re barely paying attention because they’re already going out.

The cleanliness – The nerve of the staff to not drop everything they’re doing and clean up messy tables, trash left by the drink station and clutter on the floor after people who are supposed to be trying their hand in the adult world. As an RA, this is something I see often – these people who are “adult enough” to skip class because “they need a me-day”, spend $200 at Walmart like it’s nothing or party every night of the week – if you’re grown enough to do that, YOU’RE GROWN ENOUGH TO CLEAN UP YOUR MESS.

The pace of the staff – I work at Chipotle over the summer and boy when I see a line to the door, I can’t tell you how excited I get. I know all those people are going to be super understanding of how the food service works and something things take time. I’m 10/10 kidding, I had a customer yell about the service and how slow we were moving – the gag is I WAS ON MY BREAK. What I’m telling everyone who has ever complained about the lack of speed at Cav to chill out. They are trying their best, it’s not easy, everyday food service introduces new obstacles – maybe you run out of something that everyone likes to get, maybe there’s a new hire there who needs to be trained or maybe you’re just not feeling it. If you are not willing to put in a application and try your hand at the artistry of making my favorite late night craving, then you can’t complain. I appreciate the work all Cavern workers put in, and I’ll always see it from you guy’s side – now can a sis get more chicken in her wrap?