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Foods Against the Flu: Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy


Written by Isaac Davis

Darkening evening skies and crisp mornings signal the oncoming Autumn. While the start of Fall is an undoubtedly beautiful season in the Appalachia, do not be fooled – Flu Season is upon us! Act fast and protect yourself from the dreaded lurgy. Take your teal plate and add an extra helping of these immune-boosting ingredients:

Blueberries: These small delicious berries have recently been shown to contain the highest levels of disease-fighting anti-oxidants of all typically consumed fruits. Along with vitamins A, E and manganese, blueberries contain quercetin that can help ease a runny nose. Grab a handful, improve your skin, lower our blood pressure, and bolster your immune system against viral attack.

Salmon: Another great ingredient for immune health, even one portion of grilled salmon helps increase the production of lymphocyte cells. When partnered with the naturally high levels of vitamin D in salmon, these work to improve the immune response, fighting flu viruses as soon as they enter your system.

Sweet Potatoes: The beta-carotene in the skins of this versatile root-vegetable is great for your hair and skin. Excess is converted into vitamin A that supports immune health and assists with mucous membranes in the throat and nose. Enjoy them baked or fried, Sweet Potatoes help cultivate a barrier between you and disease.

Keep your plates healthy and colorful this fall by using these tasty foods to help fight the flu.