Home Opinion Roanoke College Students Struggle to Navigate Persnickety Fall Weather

Roanoke College Students Struggle to Navigate Persnickety Fall Weather


Written by Aeryn McMurtry

Due to the recent but brief hurricane from the East Coast and the ever present changing climate, some students have found themselves confused and somewhat misguided by the late September weather. It seems to be cold in the morning before the inevitable but untimely temperature and humidity change. Despite the fact that the Roanoke College student population tends to be between the ages of 18-21 and natives of the humid subtropical climate where this daily inconsistency marks the beginning of fall, every year students fail to prepare accordingly and are left sweating in hoodies by lunchtime.

When asked about this phenomenon, one sticky senior replied, “I have a full wardrobe of cute button downs covered in fruit print, but they only look good paired with jeans and it is just too *redacted* hot for that when I get out of bed at noon! It’s not like I can wear watermelons in October! It’s a summer fruit! And wearing pumpkins would just be tacky!”

As the distressed student body struggles to understand basic and consistent weather patterns, many eccentric outfits have been spotted all over campus. Just recently, a young member of the sophomore class was seen outside the library in Nike running shorts and rain boots, and carrying a RC pullover. Needless to say, it was a #look, but seemed a little impractical due to the 85 degree temperature and clear blue sky. “It was rainy on the way to class this morning” he said, “but now I’m just uncomfortable”.

Though students seem to be second guessing themselves throughout the week, nobody seems to have any problem dressing appropriately for brunch on the weekends. This might have less to do with the weather and more to do with hangover-induced dehydration. Who has time to focus on their ‘fit when their body is screaming for water?

And for those students who are unaccustomed to the unpredictable weather here in Roanoke, don’t worry: there’s always next year.