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ASMR: What It Is and Why You Should Use It


Written by Shamira James

Who knew that YouTube’s latest trend could help even the most tightly wound relax? Autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR, is a feeling usually referred to as a tingle or the tingles that starts in the neck or spine and moves to the rest of limbs. This feeling can usually be induced through different sounds, actions or even speaking at a very low and/or whispering volume. It’s similar to the sensations you feel that you get when you get your hair cut or slowly but purposefully flipping through a magazine. Not only does it rush a wave of relaxation over your body but it also triggers some psychological aspects of the mind that can create comfort, euphoria, relaxation and even sleepiness.  

College students are no strangers to the phenomenon that, after staying up writing two papers and studying for a test in the depths of the motion-sensor hallways of Lucas Hall, sleep will oddly enough not come to you as soon as you thought. That’s where ASMR can come in: it can relax you all over and send you into a nice deep sleep you never knew you fell in to.

While Instagram and YouTube have opened the gates to a world of endless ASMR possibilities, most people look back to the “unintentional ASMR” of Bob Ross and his television series “The Joy of Painting” as the start of their ASMR experiences. Not only were people comforted by his welcoming demeanor and “no mistakes, just happy little accidents” motto but his soft and gentle speaking voice paired with his calming brush strokes was something even the tingle – resisters couldn’t ignore.

While it started as a little niche community on Instagram, there are currently almost 5.2 million ASMR videos on YouTube, according to thinkingwithgoogle.com, making this community one of the fastest growing along with beauty and gaming communities. Because of it’s fast growth there’s no way there isn’t a video that fits your aesthetic when it comes to the tingles you want to feel. If you like sassy men who can do your makeup but also talk down to you in a hilariously relaxing way, give Tony Bomboni ASMR a try. If you enjoy how lights can easily make you the sleepiest person on the planet in record time give Zach ASMR a watch or two. You like visual aspects? Sis, I got you. SurajFineArts has mesmerizing paint mixing videos, and 10 – Minutes Amazing Life has all the soap carving, slime playing and floral foam activity play your heart desires. Finding your favorite type of ASMR could be the next best decision you make in your life.