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A Fair Trade Of Furniture?

Written by Beth Janes

The Economics Department is in an uproar following the development of a new barter and trade system for the chairs on the Sutton Patio.

Following three straight days of April-like weather in late February, students have flocked to the sun-drenched bricks of the outside seating only to find an unequal and chaotic distribution of patio furniture. To remedy the situation and provide seating to their friends-who-are-gonna-be-here-in-a-few-minutes-they-just-had-to-print-something-in-the-library, students have taken to haggling with their fellow diners over unused chairs. The interactions usually begin with a timid approach, a little wave and an “are y’all using this chair? Can I take it?”. The interactions typically end with the primal pride of a hunter returning with his kill or, conversely, with a sheepish “sorry” and a dejected walk back to their respective table.

“I’ve never heard of a society developing a complete economic system in only three days,” said one, rather flustered, economics professor, “but I suppose the mania produced by sunshine is a variable that’s never been accounted for.”

It will be interesting to see if this market bubble lasts into the rainy weekend, or if it will reemerge with the onset of true springtime. Until then, you’re guaranteed to find 1-3 economists furiously scribbling in notebooks during Commons’ hours of operations.