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Student Body Serves Looks for Spring


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

I am blinder than I care to admit, so sometimes I struggle distinguishing who the person waving to me across campus is. I’ve picked up on some helpful hints on telling who is who without wearing my glasses. The most tell-tale sign for who a person is what they’re wearing, so for all of you who are like me and don’t like wearing glasses, here are some of the more recognizable looks:

Gamma Omega Alpha Pie Style Guide – You’re walking into commons for lunch, and you see a girl styling a shirt that hangs off her shoulders paired with a denim skirt that comes to about mid-thigh. She’s topped it off with a suede pair of knee high boots and a pearl necklace. She’s waving in your direction, but then you realize she’s not waving to you, but to her sorority sister swiping in behind you. Awkward!

La Croix Boiz fashion guide – After your classes let out, you head over to Cregger for a quick workout before dinner. As you’re rounding the corner, a pack of guys sporting red and gray windbreakers with gray sweatpants loosely tucked into their tall Nike socks. One guy is adjusting his hat so that it sits perfectly backward on his head. You have to watch out as you pass so that the lacrosse sticks hanging off their shoulders don’t whack you on the back.

Arriving Fratly and Fashionably – You’re feeling refreshed after your workout and head over to Cavern for a late dinner. Standing in front of you are several guys looking fresh in their flannels and coordinated vests with their khakis hanging over their Bean Boots. As one of them hands his Maroon Card to the lady behind the counter, you catch a glimpse of a gleaming watch, and you know instantly you’re standing behind frat brothers.

The after, after AFTER party look – It’s now Saturday, late-morning, and you’re walking across campus. You see a few girls coming out of hibernation from their dorm. They are walking in sync with their flowing t-shirts covering any evidence they are wearing shorts. Their eyeliner has smeared, and some are hiding under a cap. These girls, you know, stayed out a little too late last night.