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Roanoke College & The Brackety-Ack: A Legacy of Excellence and Connection

About Roanoke College
Nestled in the historic town of Salem, Virginia, Roanoke College stands as a beacon of liberal arts education. This esteemed institution seamlessly melds hands-on learning experiences with the invaluable connections that shape a student’s future. Recognized for its academic rigor and holistic educational approach, Roanoke College has been lauded by The Princeton Review as one of the “best in the Southeast.” Further solidifying its reputation for excellence, U.S. News & World Report heralded Roanoke as the #2 “Up-and-coming National Liberal Arts College,” underscoring the institution’s continual growth and innovation in the field of education.

“#2 Up-and-coming National Liberal Arts College.”

The Brackety-Ack: Chronicling Roanoke’s Journey
Serving as the official student voice, The Brackety-Ack has been an integral part of Roanoke College since its inception on October 19, 1915. With a rich history spanning over a century, this newspaper has borne witness to countless events, changes, and milestones in the college’s journey. Taking a stride into the digital age, the official Brackety-Ack website was launched on September 13, 2010, expanding its reach and accessibility. Throughout its storied existence, the publication has constantly evolved, reflecting the dynamism of not just the Roanoke College community but also resonating with the larger Salem community. It’s more than just a newspaper; it’s a testament to the spirit of Roanoke and Salem, capturing their essence and stories through the ages.

The six newspapers of Fall Semester 2018

Our Mission
At The Brackety-Ack, we are driven by a singular goal: to leverage the diverse interests and extensive connections of our passionate staff in delivering biweekly publications that both inform and enrich the entire Roanoke College (RC) community. We are committed to fostering a platform where every voice is heard, every story is told, and every perspective is valued. Join us as we continue to chronicle the evolving narrative of Roanoke College and its surrounding community.

“This isn’t just any story—it’s yours. Tell it your way.”