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Maroons Talk: Our Ball

Written by Adriana Rose

What has been the best part about being in Botanica? 

Lucia Galan Gil said, “As a study abroad student, this has been an exciting new experience. I have never been in a play before, and it has helped me build my confidence a lot. I enjoy learning this new skill and getting to appreciate the difficulty that actors have to face when preparing a play.”

How do you feel about the rebranding of the presidents ball? Did it affect your opinions on the event? 

Andrea Flores Gomez ’26 said, “I have only been here for two years, so I have only experienced these ‘President’s Ball’ once, but I feel like the original name felt more purposeful and personal. The ‘R Ball’ just feels more generic, and it is overall a less fun name. Honestly, the name change confused me, but it did not stop me from going.”

What are your plans for easter?

Damien Fellows ’26 said, “I do not know my plans for Easter. Iwant to go to a cabin with my friends, but I need to check if my availability allows for it. I do not think there will be anything ,so I’m pretty excited for it because I could not do it last year.”