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Louisiana Works to Become Permitless Concealed Carry

Written by Mateo J. Biggs

As of the next month, it has been 25 years since the Columbine school shooting and 12 years since the Sandy Hook school shooting. Everyday the United States of America is held tightly in the grasp of gun violence– in neighborhoods, in cities, in media, in everything you will consume has gun violence been prevalent. Many organizations work to tighten the restrictions on gun ownership and carrying said weapons– from stricter screenings on mental health to age restrictions in order to keep our country safe.

However, as of February, Louisiana lawmakers work to allow those 18 and older to concealed carry a gun without a permit or any kind of formal training. Louisiana’s Republican Senator Jeff Landry has stated that he had plans to sign the bill into a law when it was first circulating– as part of his platform to be more “tough on crime” within the state. Many citizens who have gone through formal training to hold their permit to carry have concerns that without the permit or formal training they believe that this will simply raise current violence rates and provide harm to those unaware of how to responsibly handle such things. 

With the current standing, the law will take effect as of July 4th of this year and we will see what the effect this law will have on the state.