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Galentine’s Day

Written by Allison Shaw

It’s here again! February 14th, Valentine’s day. To some, a day of showing affection to those around us, whether that be through gifts, cards, or quality time, and to others, the worst day of the year, or a pointless show of consumerism. People either love, or love to hate, the holiday of love. These opinions stem from valid reasons; the day has culturally existed around the idea of romantic love, and if you’re in a new relationship or going strong with a romantic partner, that can be great and tons of fun. But for those who are chronically single, those who recently ended a relationship, or those who are just generally “over it”, this day can be a lot. If you’re dreading next Wednesday, then maybe it’s time to celebrate a different holiday for a change; Galentine’s Day! 

Galentine’s Day is Valentine’s Day, but for the girls. The name comes from a combination of the slang word “gal”, meaning girl, and Valentine. So, instead of having a romantic connotation like Valentine, a Galentine is a close female friend who you want to appreciate. It’s a day to show your platonic, or non-romantic, love for the people around you; like your best friend, your roommate, siblings, friends, your mom or even a coworker. Anyone whose friendship you want to celebrate is fair game. Or, you could even celebrate yourself, and practice some self love. And even if you have plans for Valentine’s proper, you can still take some time to appreciate the special bonds that you have with the other people in your life. 

Galentine’s day is sometimes marked as taking place on February 13th, but really the day that you chose to celebrate it is up to you. Work with your schedule and your friends to find the perfect day to get together and do something fun, like have a party, grab lunch, or if you’re looking to do something hands on, you can do a fun craft together like making each other Valentine’s cards, painting pottery at Glazed Bisque-it in Roanoke, or making friendship bracelets! 

If you can’t find the time to get together for something fun, or you want to show appreciation in other ways, consider giving your friends a small galentine’s gift to show your appreciation. This can be anything from their favorite candy, to a gift card, or even something bigger like a stuffed animal or Galentine’s basket. Whatever it is, it’s the thought that counts, so don’t feel like you have to break the bank. Keeping the bank in mind, check out Maggie Raker’s article in this issue to find some fun, free ways to spend Galentine’s (or Valentine’s, if you’re still doing that.)

Remember that Valentine’s doesn’t have to be about anybody else if you don’t want it to. If Galentine’s day still doesn’t work out, treat yourself this Valentine’s day and show yourself some love. Happy Galentine’s Day!