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Hate in a Dress

Written by Nina Earle

What is fun, comforting, or brings one happiness
changes from person to person. No two people will react
to any situation or thing the same way. It is our
individualism that re-enforces this. No two people have
had the same experiences so they can not expect to react
in the same ways. There are many things that we have in
life that show this. Reality TV is one of these things. While
watching reality television or shows like the HouseWives
of Potomac or Salt Lake City people have very different

I think that these shows are ridiculous and brilliant
all wrapped up into one thing. Even as I watch, I do not
know why I am watching nor do I feel like I can stop. For
me, watching these shows is like watching a train wreck
waiting to happen. There is a sense of adrenaline as they
yell at each other or conspire against one another. As the
viewer, I “know” someone would take a comment the
wrong way. I know that the HouseWives can not possibly
like each other as they constantly spit hateful remarks at
one another. There is no way that this will not end badly
for all of them. If it be a lawsuit for saying something about
another person, on national television or just
being dragged through the media these never end well. I
do wonder sometimes why someone would be on these
shows? What could be worth the extremely tentative
friendships masking hateful monsters with pretty clothes
and makeup? It does not matter how much of it is for the

I don’t think that anything could be worth being
in that atmosphere. No money, fame, or sense of purpose
could make up for the hate. It takes a strong personality to
survive the ringer that these women must go through for
the sake of television. Knowing that every move is
recorded for the entertainment of others. No matter how
enjoyable this show is or how much fun I have watching it.
No one on national TV should become hate in a dress.