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Professor Makes Waves in Jeopardy Tournament

Written by Hannah Guanti

Before students left for Winter Break, one of Roanoke College’s own made his mark on national television- again! Chemistry professor Gary Hollis is no beginner at the famous trivia show. In 2021, Hollis was selected for the inaugural Jeopardy Professors Tournament. 

Hollis dominated in his initial matchup against two tough competitors from Vanderbilt University and Penn State. He then moved forward to the semi-finals where he would be sent home. 

Little did Hollis know he would have a chance at redemption on his favorite show. He was selected in late 2023 for a Champions Wildcard Tournament.

Once again, Dr. Hollis excelled. After winning the primaries and semi-finals, Hollis made it to the championships against two tough competitors. 

From back home in Salem, the college was abuzz with talk of Hollis’ win and students gathered across campus to cheer on the beloved professor.

Hollis was a tough competitor, staying neck and neck with his competition up until the Final Jeopardy. Unfortunately, Hollis got the final question incorrect. He did not go home empty handed- the professor placed second in the tournament and won a nice cash prize. 

“It was really exciting to watch someone I know on television,” said one of Hollis’ former students, “Dr. Hollis is the perfect contestant on Jeopardy- he has a fact for everything,” 

Hollis is a staple member on the college campus. He is a longstanding chemistry professor, specializing in organic chemistry, and faculty advisor for the college’s Quiz Bowl team. 

Hopefully this won’t be the last time Hollis gets to make his mark on Jeopardy.