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New Year on YouTube

Written by Mateo Biggs

2024 has officially dropped and with it comes many new topics bursting for exploration on most people’s favorite platform; “YouTube”. Although the platform hasn’t seen an iconic “YouTube Rewind” since 2019– with only 121 million total views –there is still plenty of news happening on the home of the red play button.

First and foremost, many prominent names have begun already to step down from their careers of making/producing content for their subscribers. For some of these notable names, it is to make time for their families and their own lives, for others it is because they have lost their passion in making videos. In one unfortunate case on this list, it is because she has passed away.

YouTube hits such as Matthew Patrick– better known as Matpat of the “The Game Theorists” –has officially announced that he will be stepping off the camera and taking on a more producer-like role for the channel. Patrick stated in his video “Goodbye Internet” that he is doing this to make more time for his family and his own life, which is understandable given the stress of producing a video a week for each of his 4 channels– “The Film Theorists”, “The Game Theorists”, “The Food Theorists”, and “The Style Theorists” –each one hosting millions of subscribers. 

From there, Tom Scott has recently stated that he will be leaving YouTube as well– and though his video stated that it was more him taking a step back for the time being, many fans on twitter and even Tom Scott himself do not know if this is a fully indefinite hiatus or a permanent retirement from the platform. Tom Scott is known for his channel that stems into the educational explanations through Tom himself doing a variety of things and even exploring the different directions his channel goes in.

Another YouTube gamer who is taking a step away is Moo– also known as Brock to the many friends he plays with –who just this year announced he will be taking time to spend with his wife and daughters rather than on YouTube. However, much like some others, Moo has claimed that he is merely stepping back and not fully quitting, but the indefinite hiatus is also unknown with permanency. 

Finally, we end this article on a slightly sadder note. Not everyone will know this name, but Lynn Yamada Davis– known better as her internet alias “Lynja” of “Cooking with Lynja” –recently passed away at 67 years old on January 1st.

So much change is being ushered into YouTube within just a month of the new year. While many are unsure of the new era, we can definitely say 2024 has a lot in store.