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The Countdown to Winter Break

Written by Allison Shaw

Maroons, welcome to the final stretch! We’re heading into the last week of classes, finals week, and then this year’s fall semester will be coming to a close! For many, this can be one of the most stressful sections of the entire semester as students catch up on late work, cram for exams, and try to bring those grades up at the last minute. At this point in the semester, it’s important to remember that we have that light at the end of the tunnel that is Winter break waiting for us, and above all, to take care of ourselves and each other. 

Keeping yourself healthy and practicing good self care at this point in the semester is actually beneficial to your academic success. Taking a test when stressed on three hours of sleep and two cups of coffee is not going to give the same response as a full night’s sleep and a clear mind. So even though it might be tempting to let everything snowball, here are some tips to keep you from digging yourself into a hole as we count down the days till break. 

1. Take a walk. When taking a break, don’t just sit in front of your computer on your phone, but get up, go outside, and get yourself some fresh air. Even going for a short walk, just getting some movement in and allowing the blood to flow can help you concentrate better when you get back to your work. It can also help destress. 

2. Cut back on the caffeine, and get some sleep instead. While it may be tempting to pull that all nighter and fill up on energy drinks, getting that much needed sleep will help refresh your brain and allow you to return to your work well rested and clear headed. Additionally, caffeine can have negative effects on the body when stressed including raising your heart rate, worsening feelings of anxiety or stress, and even contributing to symptoms of insomnia. 

3. Do other things. It might feel like you have no time, and that may be true, but devoting all your time to assignments is one of the fastest ways to burn yourself out. Make some time for yourself to do something small that you enjoy, like talking with friends, playing a relaxing game, or watching a comfort movie. 

Remember that no matter how this semester ends, you’ve worked hard and deserve the break in the coming weeks. So work hard, take care of yourself, and Happy Holidays from the entire CWL staff!