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Active Shooter Hoax in Downtown Roanoke

Written by Hannah Guanti

The reports of an active shooter at Hotel Roanoke, have been confirmed to be false, with no threat to the city. On November 23, Roanoke Police responded to a 911 call of an active shooter and injuries at the hotel. 

The authorities rapidly arrived at the location and conducted a thorough search, but no evidence of a shooting or injuries were found. The responding law enforcement deemed the call to be a hoax. 

While there was no present danger, the police began their investigation for those responsible. They are potentially facing charges. 

Hilton Worldwide has now confirmed that these hoax phone calls have been made to other hotels as well.

There were still heightened concerns as The Rescue Mission of Roanoke was hosting their annual Drumstick Dash in the surrounding area. The race was delayed briefly before being able to resume. 

Roanoke Police have confirmed in their official statement the hoax, their response, and the ongoing investigation. Hotel Roanoke released their own statement expressing their gratitude to law enforcement for their immediate actions.

Previous reports have indicated a lockdown at the hotel, this has not been confirmed by police.