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Energy Levels Depleted

Written by Nina Earle

Break is such a blessing and a curse for me every time that it comes around. Part of me loves break, and another part is annoyed at how it interrupts the semester. This is a week, where I do not have to worry about going to classes or any test coming up. A time to recharge and get some well needing sleep. A break from campus and all the activities, for maybe a second of peace and quiet. 

As great as break sounds before there are the things that make it hard. The fun of going home is paired with the assignments that I am assigned over break that feel twice as heavy, and being thrown from the schedule that has been built over almost two months of time. Suddenly a morning routine that I have built around a 7:30 am alarm, is falling apart. The routine that would wake me up in time for class will fracture. My sharpness in the morning always is less after break, when I have spent the break alternating between being up earlier than the sun or sleeping until noon. Without fail, after our weeklong break every semester I feel more tired than I was before I left. 

I find that no matter how much I rest and sleep over break all the energy is zapped from me while I drive back to Salem, VA. As soon as I hit town, I want to nap, and those first Monday morning classes are really hard. Classes, also after break tend to go straight into all their assignments. There feels to be more things due in the two weeks after break than in all of the weeks before hand. It is not fun but is something even with low energy, something we all have to deal with.  Getting back to having classes and places you have to be at school will be a challenge after this week away. It is going to be rough for everybody. I wish everyone the best of luck with it.