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Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Written by Andrea Flores-Gomez

Picture this: it’s October 30th, you just got invited to a
Halloween costume party the next day, but you’ve completely
forgotten to get a costume! Do you go to every store in a
20-mile radius and work with what everyone else has already
picked over? Nope, because here I am to give you some easy
costume ideas using easy to find pieces or stuff that you might
already have in your house!

1. For all those classic horror lovers out there, we have a
very simple zombie costume. Any old piece of clothing will
work, but preferably something you don’t mind destroying.
Cut some holes, tear it apart, and get creative with it! Next, add
some fake blood, and if you can’t find any in stores, dark red
paint or even some grenadine to stain the clothing will work!
Now mess up that hair and go out to scare some people.

2. Being scary is fun, but if you want something more
friendly how about a pun? Get into athletic wear and buy some
fake medals. You can also make them with normal ribbon
and a chocolate coin; for the last touch hold a loaf of bread.
Suddenly, you’re the “Breadwinner” making all your friends at
the party laugh!

3. Last but not least you could convince your partner or
a friend to join you in an easy and funny couples or group
costume! Something classic like all white clothing with the
letter “S” and all black clothing with the letter “P” can help you
add some seasoning to the party with your Salt and Pepper
costumes! Or, if you have three people wearing three hoodies,
one red, one blue and one green, you can easily dress up as
Alvin & the Chipmunks!

I hope you enjoyed these quick and easy ideas for last
minute costumes. Just remember that if everything else fails
you can always look up your favorite sitcom character and
dress like them for the day! Atlas, it doesn’t really matter if
you have your costume since October 1st or the day before
Halloween; the important thing is that you have fun with your
friends or family, scare some people, get lots of treats, and
make sure you don’t get tricked out by anyone.