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Maroons Talk: It’s Fall!

Students talking between classes

Written by Adriana Rose

 In response to “What is your favorite holiday?”

Lizzy Pighini ‘26 said “Christmas is my favorite holiday because I love the decoration, lights, snow, and the big Christmas day meal and celebration with family.”

In response to “What’s been your favorite moment so far this year?”

Dixie Lumsden ‘27 said “My favorite moment would definitely be the R Shindig. I adored the music at the event. As soon as they started playing Eric Chruch, I knew this was going to be a fun time. I also loved the mechanical bull and won a hat, so definitely one for the books. I cannot wait for the next one!”

In response to “What is something you’re looking forward to before the next semester?”

Liz Cullen ‘25 said “I’m looking forward to competing in my first powerlifting competition. On campus we have an unofficial club powerlifting team and a bunch of us will be competing before Thanksgiving break. It should be a lot of fun!”