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Bingo night – Class of 2027

Written by Sabrina L. Rogers

Hey Maroons! Haven’t you heard? We have Bingo night coming up! Last week the Freshman Class of 2027 were invited to the Bast Gymnasium to take part in Bingo to welcome them into Roanoke College! There was a photo booth, food, and many, MANY rounds of Bingo! The different prizes people could win at this bingo night were Mini-Fridges with all sorts of care packages inside, a Movie Night package (including a popcorn maker!), a milkshake machine, and even a FireTV! The prizes someone can earn are endless! The theme for bingo is; “Back to School Night”. This event is happening on Saturday, September 16th at 8pm. Since this Bingo is “Back to School Night” themed, there will be more stationary items you might need like an endless supply of pencils (because you may never know when you forget your pencils), notebooks (admit it, we didn’t realize how many notebooks we’d need), and maybe even another TV! For someone who hasn’t played bingo in a while, the past Bingo night was so much fun! Here are some tips I feel would help someone who hasn’t been to Bingo before (or in a long time)! 

Tip 1. Be prepared for rapid fire numbers. They are announced quickly (sometimes I didn’t realize a number I had was called until after the fact). Below is a picture of my bingo board (it was for the Movie prize. We had to have bingo in the shape of a “M”). 

Tip 2. You use the whole board unless otherwise told to. One sheet equals one board. For example, if you get B4, you go down the entire page of the B column and blot out the number 4. 

Tip 3. Get there a bit early so you can get a good set of cards and an easier look at the screen. I luckily got sat right in the front so I was able to clearly hear the number, see what kind of shape we were trying to get Bingo with, and easily see my board. 

Definitely show up! This is a perfect way to make new friends and learn more about the fun and exciting things Roanoke College has to offer! Again, this Bingo night is at Bast Gym, September 16th, at 8pm. Hope to see you there!!