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The Ultimate Energy Drink Ranking

by Marisa Seager

While it might not be a good thing, I’ve been an avid caffeine consumer from a very young age. I enjoy everything from tea to coffee but nothing hits the same way an energy drink does. Here is my ranked energy drink list.

Coming in first place is Red Bull. Now if you would’ve asked me years ago, then my answer would have been Monster. More recently I can say that Red Bull has won me over with the variety of flavors and special edition releases. I’m always itching to try whatever the newest flavor is. 

Second place goes to Monster. This wasn’t the first energy drink that I ever tried but it’s the one I’ve drank most consistently throughout my life. At rock concerts and on dreadful high school mornings this brand was my go to. Shoot, I even have a Monster license plate on my car.  

In third place is Nos. There’s just something about the bold flavors and punch that I love. Not to mention, it’s slightly cheaper than the others so it’s a little more affordable for college students such as myself. 

In fourth place is Mountain Dew Kickstart. To me drinking a Kickstart is like drinking a soda but with a higher amount of caffeine. It’s essentially an energy drink made for the soda drinkers. 

Last place goes to Rockstar. Over the years this brand has definitely stepped it up with the recovery series, which is perfect for when you need hydration but also a boost. I would consider moving Rockstar up in rank if I could ever find the pina colada flavor again.

Note: Sorry to the Bang and Celsius lovers out there but I really don’t like them. All the flavors of Celsius I’ve tried taste like medicine, and I can’t get past the weird carbonation in Bang. I want my battery acid Monster, okay?