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Thoughts from Seventh Grade

by Rebecca Dance

Question: What would you do for 24 hours without Wi-Fi or your phone?

“I would disappear into the woods and start a bonfire.”

“I wouldn’t really care because there are so many things to do without Wi-Fi.”

“I would put on a cute outfit and go to IHOP.” 

“I would read a book.”

“If I had no Internet it would be bad because I couldn’t continue my Snap Streaks.”

“We spend too much time on our phones anyways.”

“I would probably die but that’s okay.”

“I would go get Hibachi with my family.”

“I would make tea and draw.”

“I rode a 20 year old tricycle when I lost my phone once.”

“I would probably do a lot of things that involve touching grass. A lot of people in this class should do that.”

“Play soccer.”

“Stay inside because I don’t have any way to call the police if an emergency happens.”

“I play this game with rocks and cows – I put rocks on the fence and see which ones the cows choose.”

“Go outside and catch fireflies.”

“I’d be bored.”