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Paris Hilton’s Book of Truth

by Victoria McGraw

Paris Hilton is a very well known icon. Before the term “influencer” came about, Hilton was the definition of it. She would show and document every moment of her life in real time. In the early 2000s everyone knew or heard of Hilton. She was known for being a platinum blonde heiress with a successful reality show and an expert party girl who launched her career into modeling and music. She had been in different scandals during her early years of fame, like her leaking sex tape. 

Although she had a successful reality show, “The Simple Life,” it made Hilton a more controversial figure. People would judge harshly for the actions she did on the show and in real life. But Hilton is a card of traits, she seriously can do anything. She has many professions such as being a DJ – in 2014, she was one of the most paid women DJ, a singer, businessperson, entrepreneur, film producer, an author, and many more.

She has written four books in her lifetime. “Paris Hilton Memoir” being her latest book, published on March 8th, 2023. This book goes in depth of the pain and privilege of being a world famous “it girl.” 

In an interview with NPR Hilton expressed that she never felt understood and always felt underestimated. “I feel that the past over two decades in this industry, my story has been told by other people. And I was just ready to get real and tell my truth,” Hilton told NPR.

A lot of the truth comes out in her memoir and the trauma that she endured during her teenage years. The book reads as a thriller at times when describing some of her experiences throughout her life. I would definitely recommend reading her memoir because it will give you a better take on Hilton and truly what she was hiding all these years.