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“Shadow and Bone”; the Wait is Over

by Anna Tillman

Netflix will not stop releasing our favorite shows! “Shadow and Bone” season two is finally being aired. In preparation for the new season let’s do a quick recap. This series is based on the novels “Shadow and Bone” and “Six of Crows” written by Leigh Bardugo. This book series became extremely popular and was turned into the show we know today. The two separate series follow different characters and different storylines; however, the producers of the Netflix series thought it would be beneficial to just combine the two plotlines into one exciting show. 

The first season was released on April 23, 2021. Season one was full of many twists and turns. This series takes place in a world where some of the population are known as Grisha. Grisha have special powers to control the elements around them. As fans know, this story follows a girl named Alina Starkov. She is an orphaned young girl whose only family is her best friend Malyen. The two of them join the army for their nation and have to pass through the Shadow Fold. 

The Shadow Fold is a dangerous darkness that separates one nation from another. Many people who try to pass through do not make it out alive. When Alina and Malyen try to pass through they get attacked by creatures. This is when it is revealed that Alina is a Sun Summoner. This is an incredibly powerful and rare ability that she did not even know she had. Throughout the story, she meets many different characters while trying to perfect her newfound abilities. Along the way, she meets the villain in her story. The season left off with many unknowns about what is to come. However, fans know that this season is sure to be full of surprises. Watch season two of “Shadow and Bone” when it comes out on March 16th on Netflix!