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Foundational “First Steps” for the Maroons

by Libby Bowman

The Maroons newest addition to Roanoke College athletics, men’s volleyball, started their season with a bang… or should we say “kill”. Although their first two games were losses, that did not stop these Maroons. Their record is now on the upside. Thanks to their past two weekend victories, it is now 2-2. No matter the record, these Maroons are determined. Coach Matt Reinsel stated that, “As a team we’ve decided that our success won’t be measured through wins and losses in our inaugural year, but we’ll use every opportunity as a chance to learn while we build towards the future.” As their growth continues throughout their inaugural season, they will compete within the Continental Volleyball Conference. This conference is historically competitive and strong. It holds three teams ranked Top 15 in the nation.  

As the Maroons take on their opponents, they want to stay focused on their goals. To do this Coach Reinsel created a team mantra, which is “First Step”. This mantra is in relation to the first step in any volleyball skill. He states, “that the first step in any skill is crucial to execution.” He wants his team to use that as a reminder that they are establishing a foundation for the program for years to come. Taking this reminder throughout the season, Coach Reinsel hopes the team grows by prioritizing fundamental and smart volleyball. This inaugural season is an exciting one for these Maroons as they set foundational history for their program. Many games to look forward to are later in the season, in the months of March in April. In these months they will take on Southern Virginia, Juniata, and Rutgers-Newark. The Maroon’s next game is Friday, January 27 at Marymount University where they will battle the Marymount Saints in a competitive matchup. Support this talented team as they execute their determination and resiliency throughout each game.