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Scott Allison’s Tremendous Impact as a Maroon

by Libby Bowman

Scott Allison, Roanoke College’s current athletic director, has had an eventful and memorable journey as a Maroon. Allison described his experience as a Maroon to be “transformative”. His journey started in August of 1975 when he first became a student at Roanoke College. He went forward to graduate in 1979. During his time as a student and dual-sport athlete, he acquired many accolades, including RC’s Male Athlete of the Year in 1979, several All-Region selections, and captaining both men’s soccer and lacrosse teams. His time as a student prepared him for his next steps as coach and athletic director. 

After his time as a student, he decided to make his way back to Roanoke College as the men’s soccer coach from 1986-2012. Those 26 years were filled with triumphant seasons for the men’s soccer team under Allison’s lead, bringing eight ODAC Championship appearances and six NCAA Division III Tournament appearances to the program. Allison was also personally recognized with thirteen unique Coach of the Year awards at various levels of competition. In the summer of 1989, Allison took over the athletic director position. During his tenure as the athletic director, Allison has helped the athletic department grow in many ways, including the expansion of Kerr Stadium, the Cregger Center and the arrival of several new teams to campus. Additionally, there have been 100 ODAC titles and 131 NCAA Championship appearances under the leadership of Allison.

After 47 years as a Maroon, and 33 years as the athletic director, Allison has decided to retire. During these years, Allison has experienced and seen great success among Roanoke’s athletes. Allison stated that his favorite memory as a Maroon was beating Hobart and William Smith College in the 1978 NCAA Division II/III Championship. As he steps down from the position, he wants everyone to experience this same memory. He stated that he hopes to leave the next athletic director with the tools needed to win a championship at this level. 

Allison has thoroughly enjoyed his time as a member of the Maroon community. Allison’s advice to current and future Maroons is “find a way to provide for yourself while doing what you want to do…love what you do.”