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Frighteningly Good: a “Wednesday” review

by Anna Tillman

Netflix recently released a new series “Wednesday”. The new series deserves all the praise it is getting! Wednesday is a modern day spin off of the original “The Addams Family” movies. It is a cometic horror movie that follows the life of Wednesday Addams. She never fit into normal high school life. Her parents decided to send her to Nevermore Academy which is a school known for outcasts. The school is full of students who are magical and do not fit in with normal society. Wednesday is super reluctant to go to this school. However, after almost getting murdered on her first day she decides she loves it there. The show is kind of like a murder mystery while still having a coming of age feel. Wednesday investigates who is the monster going on a killing spree. 

Jenna Ortega played Wednesday Addams and did a fantastic job. She slayed the role and left no crumbs! Ortega really immersed herself in the role and it made the series that much better because of it. She learned how to speak German, learned how to play a cello, choreographed her own iconic dance, and did it all without blinking. Literally though. Tim Burton told her to not blink throughout the entire series and somehow, she was able to achieve this request. It’s these little details that Ortega ran with that made the show so iconic. 

A lot of fans of the original “The Addams Family” movie were skeptical about this series. They were worried that it was going to ruin the old movies. However, many fans have been pleased by this new rendition. It is a little different from the original, but it is a unique take on the storylines and characters. To pay homage to the old movies, Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday Addams in “The Addams Family”, even had a role in this new series! Altogether, this was a great series with a bunch of twists and turns full of plot twists. If you haven’t already seen it, go watch it on Netflix!!