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Elon and Twitter: BUAD Notes

by Chamberlain Zulauf

Maybe Elon Musk knows more than I do about macroeconomics and strategic management. I can admit that, sure, but Macroeconomics and Strategic Management are two classes I’ve taken for my business major, and I have a few notes on his recent expenditures. 

The whole idea in buying Twitter, says Musk, is to minimize spam and to preserve the platform as an outlet for free speech. Even that idea has implications; implications which go against prior company culture. 

A case-in-point question asked of Musk is whether or not he’ll reinstate Donald Trump’s account, a decision made by the past administrators after the insurrection events at the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021. 

Just this week in Business Policy I learned that changes in a company by new management should be incremental. Musk’s potential changes would be a huge shock to Twitter’s corporate culture. 

Not a problem for Elon though! The simple solution Musk has for this issue is to fire about half of Twitter’s employees in management positions (go figure). Anyways, not that most of Twitter’s faithful employees would stand for Musk’s proposed paid subscriptions, which is his simple solution to combating bot accounts.

Something I learned through my extensive research is that 50% of Twitter employees is 3,700 people. This honestly is not the hundreds of thousands of people I was imagining, but it’s still kind of a shocking move for Musk to make. To me, Musk buying Twitter seems like it could have been for funsies. It’s like Musk invested himself into owning a whole new company just with the same name. Or it could be that we won’t even notice a difference in our feed. Who even can keep up these days?

What else can we expect from a real-life Tony Stark?