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Spooktacular Crafts

 by Mia Shelton

BOO! Don’t be too scared. Halloween vibes are parading through the air as this spooky day awaits us.  This year Halloween has a “case of the Mondays,” but that won’t stop the yearly festivities.  If you’re looking for a low-key Halloween grab some friends, put on a scary movie, and get some art supplies for some relaxing and affordable Halloween crafts.  

The supplies you will need for this craft: 

Toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls); orange, green, purple, and black paint (paint colors may vary depending on what you may choose to paint); glue; string; scissors; and colored paper.  

Take your toilet paper (or paper towel tube) and preferred paint color, and then paint your tube. For example, orange to resemble a pumpkin.  If you do not have paint, feel free to use your colored paper.  While the tube dries, take your colored paper and cut out the details for your specified character. For example, black triangles for a jack-o’-lantern or a mouth, eyes, and teeth for Dracula.  If you do not have colored paper opt for plain paper (or even an old assignment) and color it in.  Using glue, adhere the colored paper to the tube.  Get creative with it! Switch up the colors, give them funny hair, the sky is the limit!  Punch holes on the sides of each tube.  Using some string, thread each tube together to from a festive garland to hang in your dorm!  

Craft inspired by: https://www.womansday.com/home/crafts-projects/g2490/halloween-kids-crafts/?slide=1 

For the next craft you will need:

Empty tissue box, paint, or colored paper, pencil, and lights (optional).

Cold season is upon us.  Save your empty tissue box from the season to change into a pumpkin! If your tissue box has plastic around the opening, carefully remove it while keeping the box intact.  Next, take your desired color of paint and paint your tissue box.  If you do not have paint, opt for colored paper.  Once the paint is dry, take a pencil to sketch how you would like your pumpkin to look. Using your scissors, cut out the shapes you previously sketched.  If you have access to black paint and have some spare time, paint the inside of the tissue box for a spooky effect.  You can also decorate the inside how you wish.  Once the inside of the box is dry, place a LED candle inside for a dorm-friendly pumpkin!  

Wherever this Halloween season brings you, stay safe and keep an open mind.  Enjoy fall and make friends along the way!  Happy Halloween!