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The Brackety-Yik Yak

by Kristi Rolf

The latest edition of the Brackety-Yik Yak takes us through midterms, fall break, and the first days back in class. 

Halloween is quickly approaching, making this the spookiest Brackety-Ack issue! Earlier this month, one Yakker shared some shady advice about choosing a costume. They said, “some of y’all don’t need to dress up for Halloween since y’all clowns on the regular.” As you get your costume ready for this weekend, check to see if you are already in character!

Sadly, Halloween was pushed to the back of our minds when midterm week hit. In the midst of it all, a student published this concerning brag: “cannot remember the last time I read a paper before handing it in. Just straight stream of consciousness.” I can only imagine the havoc that ensued in the writing center when this hit the stands. 

Friday October 14th was the last day of class and the first day of break. This brought mixed feelings. On the negative side, numerous tests had this student “sitting in my car staring into the void after a full day of bombing midterms.”

However, some people looked on the bright side. I’d like to think that when the previous Yakker finally left the parking lot for a defeated drive home, the next writer was watching from a window thinking, “nothing makes me happier than seeing the parking lots become more empty.” 

Fast forward to this past Sunday when campus began to buzz again. Gearing up for the week made this student lament, “guys I can’t take this anymore my schedule is so busy, I’ve got tomorrow tomorrow and it’s going to take all day.” The good news is that the days are getting shorter, friend, so these all-day commitments won’t last as long.  

I’m introducing a new feature to the column this week called Yak of the Issue. Each issue, I’ll award this title to the funniest thing I’ve read on Yik Yak within the past two weeks. 

Drumroll please! 

The following yak made me laugh the hardest: “I love the res life trend where the big wigs all drive hamster cars.” It’s an interesting coincidence that two of our hardworking residence life staff drive cars with unusual shapes. I think this student is referring to two “big wigs” who can be seen cruising around campus in their respective Kia Soul and Nissan Cube. I hope those staff members know that we appreciate everything they do, including driving slightly whacky cars.

Flip to this page again in the next issue for another edition of the Brackety-Yik Yak!