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Maroons Talk: Halloween on Campus

by Juniper Rogers

It is that time of year when a leaf crunches with every step we take, every move we make, I’ll be watching you.  I dream at night, I can only see your face with itchy, flaming scars.  Are you scared yet?  If not, you certainly will be if you take the following words deep into your bloody heart.

   In response to “Which Halloween movie do you think best represents Roanoke College?”, 

Christopher Simmons ‘26 said “I’d have to go for Scream because I sometimes feel like I can be murdered by Ghostface at any point in the college at night.” Chris shivers, “It also has several college students in it.”

   In response to “Where should a spook-inclined Maroon dare to visit on campus this Halloween?”, 

Kay Belcher ‘24 said “I would visit the second floor of Chalmers Hall as I have heard many stories of the beings that reside there with the current students.  This past summer we, the Res. Life Staff, when cleaning up dorms stumbled upon a lonesome Ouija Board when no one should have had access to the dorms.”