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Folk of ‘Noke: Marisa Seager

by Chamberlain Zulauf

This week’s Folk is one of Brackety-Ack’s own. Marisa Seager is now our section editor for Culture, Wellness and Lifestyle but her career at the BA started four years ago in her freshman year, something the paper doesn’t usually offer…

“I kind of had an in, I worked in the PR office, doing photography and social media. I met this girl, Madalyn, one day at work. She was like, ‘hey, we need writers for the BA! Are you interested in writing at all?’

I was, so she got me in contact with Kaelyn, the EIC at the time. I know that my first article was on staying active during midterms”, said Marisa.

Marisa has fun with C/W/L since there’s a broad range of articles she edits. She’s always had an interest in journalism, specifically by taking pictures for concerts. Joining the BA was a way for her to start writing and getting used to being published. Being an editor, now, Marisa enjoys editing peoples work and working with tools like Adobe.

“I enjoy being a leader in a way and have fun sending reminders. It’s a good feeling. I always have a full page so it’s fun to work with everyone’s article getting them all to fit”, said Marisa.

Also, in Marisa’s time at ‘Noke, she has been a peer educator and has been serving as president of the communications honor’s society for the last two years. Becoming president was a similar example of someone coming to Marisa for her skills.

“I first got inducted my junior year. A couple weeks later, Dr. Murawski, a teacher I’m great friends with, told me she thought I should be president. She was like, ‘so you’re doing it?’ 

I’ve actually been planning an event for Thursday [Oct. 6] called “So What Can I Do With A Comm Degree”. We had a bunch of different professors and Roanoke College faculty who spoke for a few minutes about their backgrounds and what they have been able to achieve in communications.” said Marisa. “Senior year is pretty hectic because of my schedule. So I’m technically in five classes because of my HHP. And all of my classes are Tuesday, Thursday then all of my labs are Monday and Wednesday. Plus, I’m a dispatcher at Campus Safety.”

Marisa is close to finishing her communications major just having senior seminar left and is glad to be able to focus more on her art minor and screen studies concentration. For fall break Marisa is excited to return home to NC and, “just being really lazy and having a lot of time with my family and my fiancé back home.”

Fall, and specifically October, is Marisa’s favorite time of year so she has all month to look forward to.

 “I love everything about fall, even candy corn unlike everybody else. I’m a big horror movie fan plus I play a lot of video games. This time of year, there are always a lot of announcements or events for that type of stuff. I play a lot of Overwatch but it sort of died recently. It’s going to become free to play and have teams of five instead of six which is going to be really weird with role selection, which is a huge part of the game. I’ve been playing Overwatch for years so I’m kind of sad about it changing. I do play a lot of Dead by Daylight also. It’s really cool. It’s like 4v1 survivors vs. a killer. There are franchise killers too like Ghostface Michael Myers and Freddie”, said Marisa.

“I was really nervous when I came to college… about what organizations I would join or who I would be. But I’m glad I’ve taken the opportunities that have come up and I enjoy being myself! Some advice I have for Maroons would be to not hesitate to branch out, especially during college. I’ve had chances to explore who I am and what I want to do in life through what I’ve done in my time here”, said Marisa.