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A Source of RC Pride


by Allison Shaw

The LGBTQ+ community on our campus is one which continues to grow and thrive. One of the many ways in which this community is fostered is through RC Pride, a social and activist organization located on campus. RC Pride, which is led by LGBTQ+ students, focuses on connecting Maroons with all of the resources which can be found here at Roanoke College. Their mission statement, which can be found on their ClubHub page reads, “RC Pride is an organization that strives to encourage awareness of all genders, sexual orientations, and other ways the LGBTQ+ community identifies. We also offer a safe and supportive environment for all through both fun and educational activities and events.” 

Part of the way in which RC Pride helps foster the growth of the LGBTQ+ community here at Roanoke is by providing information and access to multiple different programs, including Out of the Closet and RC Drive. Out of the Closet is located in West 324, and is a clothing drive which allows students access to gender-affirming clothing. As long as West Hall is open, anyone is free to drop clothing off as well as find some clothing for themselves. Out of the Closet offers all sorts of styles and sizes, and is a wonderful resource on campus for LGBTQ+ students. 

Students can also take advantage of RC Drive, which is an LGBTQ+ youth support group meeting every Friday at 3:30 in the Well. The meetings are centered around stress relief for LGBTQ+ students, as well as strengthening and building the community on campus. Through RC Drive, a safe space is created for LGBTQ+ members of our school. 

In addition to connecting students with resources on campus, RC Pride also strengthens the community through their own meetings, providing “Food and Friendship” for all members of the club. Snacks are served and friendship bracelets are made, creating a laid-back environment for students to connect with other LGBTQ+ Maroons. Tuesday, October 11th, RC Pride will also be hosting an event for National Coming Out Day, which will include candy as well as resources for students who have come out or are considering doing so. RC Pride gives this statement; “Whether you’re out and proud, still figuring yourself out, an ally, or anywhere in-between, we would love for you to join us!” Keep a look out this spring semester for RC Pride’s annual drag ball as well. 

From their cozy home in the Well, RC Pride is doing amazing work here at Roanoke to strengthen our LGBTQ+ community. Join them every other Tuesday at 7:30pm in the Well to take advantage of all the resources they offer!