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Lets Get Back Into It

by Rebecca Dance

The time has come. 

I stepped on the first crunchy leaf of the season so I am happy to announce that it is September and we are back in school. I admit, there’s something a little bittersweet about taking my last first day pictures on a day where my classes don’t even start until 1:00 in the afternoon. However, it’s also really exciting! 

We’re back on campus now and it’s great – the poor freshmen are lost in the halls, and sophomores and juniors are worried about their classes, and the seniors are simultaneously reaching for graduation already and hoping that somehow they can stay in college forever and never worry about being a real adult. 

But this is all okay. I’m just glad to be back on campus, even if I like my mom’s cooking a little bit more. It’s just so nice to roll over in the morning and make plans with all of your friends for the day because all of us live within ten minutes of each other once again. There is nothing better than waking up and seeing a text from a friend that asks if you want to go to breakfast in twenty minutes. Once I get back to school, I’m never bored because someone is always up to something. 

And it’s controversial, but I love going back to classes. Learning new things is one of my favorite pastimes so I really enjoy getting into all my new classes. 

I’m so excited to get back into this new school year and see what it holds.