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Pres Ball is Back!

by Devon Mitchell 

The 14th annual President’s Ball is this Saturday, March 19th. After a two-year hiatus, students are excited to get back to the beloved Roanoke tradition and dance the night away.   

The tradition of Pres Ball, as most students call it, began when President Maxey first became president. The week after fall break, all students would be invited by the President and his wife to a kind of homecoming dance. Usually held in the Colket Center, each floor housed different music genres, games, food, and live music.   

This year’s theme is “Dancing with the Stars”. President Maxey’s final Pres Ball before retirement will look different. To take precautions to prevent a COVID-19 outbreak, the festivities will be moved to the Cregger Center, and masks will be required. It will also be half the student body’s first Pres Ball. Juniors and seniors alike are excited to once again be able to dress up and share the experience with sophomores and freshmen who have yet to attend a Pres Ball.   

“As a senior who lost a majority of their normal college experience, I was hoping that Pres Ball would still happen, and I am thrilled it is,” said Grace Robinson, one of the lucky few to attend Pres Ball before this year.  

Grace offered this piece of advice for anyone not sure if they should attend, “Go to Pres Ball, it is worth the hype that the seniors and juniors are talking about. Go, celebrate, and dance!”