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Maroons Talk: Pres Ball

by Sydney Young

As a new member of the Roanoke Community, the hype around the President’s Ball, or Prezball, is high. For lots of Freshman, this year it will be the senior prom that we never got to have and of course a fun party for all who attend. To fully understand the importance of this event and hear stories of Presidents’ Balls past, we are going to be talking to three upperclassmen about their previous experiences with the event! 

Lexi Samuels 2022 

“My favorite memory was Sophomore year, so the last prezball we had prior to Covid. There were dueling pianos and every seat was packed in Commons so we all lapped up and were sitting at this one table I just remember looking around at all my friends thinking how cool it was to have all of us there enjoying that moment. This year I am going with my roommates and some close friends. We are all going to get dressed up and be there for the Maxey’s “last dance”. You honestly don’t have to have a date; just make it a night you won’t forget with your friends because those memories you make will last you years after you’ve left Roanoke” 

Sydney Chaney 2022 

“My favorite memory is probably getting to get all dressed up and have a good time with my friends. It’s such a different event from everything else that is held, and it is fun to get so fancy. I plan to go with my friends this year as a way to celebrate the end of senior year and that graduation is soon approaching. Prezball is a fun experience that you don’t want to miss out on. I love getting to look back in at all the photos and memories that I made at past Prezballs” 

Andrew Austin 2022 

“My favorite memory must be my Freshman year and just experiencing it for the first time. Bouncing from the photo booths, the dueling pianists, the live band, and the DJ was just so much fun. I also really enjoyed dressing up and just forgetting about school and homework. I am TOTALLY going this year! It’s my final year, I have to! I am going to make the most of it and enjoy what has been one crazy college experience.  Prezball is one of my favorite events on campus, it is worth it when you go with the right people, no doubt!”