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The Pros of Staycations


by Chamberlain Zulaf

Spring break is coming up soon, after midterms. The break comes in clutch after such a stressful week of studying and testing. A lot of my friends are big travelers but personally, I enjoy a classic stay-cation. First of all, there’s no extra expenses attached to bingeing the most topical Netflix documentary over break. There are a few things on my watch list I think I can knock out in a week’s time. 

Especially for a time of year like spring break, traveling is a requirement to get to good vacation weather. Inside your own room though, its air conditioned anyways. I think it’s just that my idea of relaxation is doing nothing. Going to some mountains and skiing or jet skiing along a beach would be so much fun but also so much effort. I’ll admit it: I’m a huge homebody. 

If you’re a student who is far from home, perhaps some time spent with family is something you’re craving, I definitely am. Even if options for entertainment can run out quickly at home you can always do whatever you feel like.

Academics and athletics can be stressful so I enjoy the time off doing things I usually don’t have time for when I’m here. My own plans for spring break include a lot of laying in my bed looking at my phone, reading and watching TV with my mom; I can’t wait. One of my teachers pushed our midterm after the break though, so unfortunately, I will have to work on that too.