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Maroons Score Big in Home Opener


by Alexis Barton

The men’s lacrosse team took the field for the first time this season on Saturday, February 19th. Marking the beginning of the spring season, the Maroons took on the Cardinals of the Catholic University of America. Following a tough loss against powerhouse Christopher Newport, the game was an opportunity for the Maroons to gain back their confidence and show off their skills to their fans at home. 

The Cardinals opened up the score just a few minutes into the first period, but the Maroons were able to counter with three of their own goals. In his first goal of the day Luke Kammerman opened up scoring for the Maroons, followed closely by George Gilbert and Luca Docking. The Cardinals came back to score one final goal before the close of the period, leaving the Maroons down 4-3. 

The second and third periods followed the same pattern of back-and-forth scoring between the Maroons and the Cardinals. Headed into the fourth period, the Maroons were down by just one goal again at 9-8. Within the first minute of play, the Maroons scored two goals from George Gilbert and Wyatt Whitlow. The Maroons were able to build off of this momentum as Luca Docking, Luke Kammerman, and Jay Frye put up the 12th, 13th, and 14th goals for the Maroons. The Cardinals attempted a comeback in the final minutes of play, making the game 12-14, but they were no match for the Roanoke defense. Final score: 14-12 Maroons.